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Partnership For The Goals

Are you actively working on one or more of these ecosystem development goals?

If you're already working towards some or all the ecosystem development goals, please consider listing your details below so we can link to you as a partner for those goals. Our overall aim is to collate a list of those working towards each goal in an effort to facilitate cross-collaboration, and to measure our collective impact in building a more vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem in New Zealand.

Which ecosystem development goals are you actively working on?


NZ's startup ecosystems need to be geographically concentrated and nationally connected


NZ needs a coordinated national entrepreneurship plan


NZ's startups need capital to grow


NZ's startups need access to world-class expertise


NZ startups need tech-savvy talent


NZ needs more entrepreneurs


NZ needs to reduce the cost of doing business with the rest of the world


NZ needs corporate participation in the startup ecosystem