Consultant to multiple startups

Contact: Oliver Harris

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Activities & Impact

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NZ's startups need access to world-class expertise


I work with early stage companies on Go-To-Market strategy and execution, ultimately helping these businesses build relationships with the right people, and sell their products and/ or services into new international markets. I'm well networked with Angels Groups/ VCs, Universities, Crown Research Institutes & hundreds of innovative start-ups that together make up the vibrant NZ entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Two examples of my work are:

• I helped develop the Go-To-Market strategy and pricing for a start-up in the health & wellness sector, including arranging their first pilots with Auckland Council and LinkedIn.

• I worked with the only Heath & Safety company listed on the ASX, helping them take a new mobile worker product developed with Samsung to market. My work led to pilots with Argus Fire Protection, ArmourGuard & Fonterra.

Partnership For The Goals

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NZ's startup ecosystems need to be geographically concentrated and nationally connected


NZ needs a coordinated national entrepreneurship plan


NZ's startups need capital to grow


NZ's startups need access to world-class expertise


NZ startups need tech-savvy talent


NZ needs more entrepreneurs


NZ needs to reduce the cost of doing business with the rest of the world


NZ needs corporate participation in the startup ecosystem